Staying well during seasonal change

Teacher at the Ashtanga Yoga Centre of Melbourne Amanda Stead reflects on how to help yourself cope with fluctuating weather & temperatures experienced especially in Melbourne Australia.

Yoga Teacher Amanda Stead at the Ashtanga Yoga Centre of Melbourne shares some tips on how to help your body adapt to seasonal change:

Ayurveda tells us that ‘diseases are generated at the junctions of the seasons’, the moment when one season changes into another.

Whenever our environment (internal or external) changes, our systems must change with it, and every time we adapt poorly we expose ourselves the the possibility of disease.  – Dr. Robert E. Svoboda

In Melbourne our weather is very erratic and especially in the springtime.  You may be noticing differences in your practice.  It is not uncommon for example, to feel unusually stiff or to experience the shadow of an old injury.  Viruses thrive in the winds of change.

 Our daily practice will stand us in good stead, but perhaps take extra care to protect yourself and especially all of your spine, from the wind (even when it is warmish) and maybe look into what dietary considerations would help you make a healthy transition out of the winter.

Generally speaking, excess kapha should be expelled in spring, for instance, via a fast of one or several days (depending on your constitution, condition and strength) on weak ginger tea or some similar substance. – Dr. Robert E. Svoboda


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