The Importance Of Introductory Yoga Courses

Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Douglas (Vishal) Brook teaches beginners’ classes at the Ashtanga Yoga Centre of Melbourne.


Yoga Teacher Douglas (Vishal) Brook at the Ashtanga Yoga Centre of Melbourne shares some thoughts on the importance of attending introduction courses:

I have been fortunate to teach Introductory courses at the Ashtanga Yoga Centre of Melbourne – often teaching the same students for 10 weeks as they go from Intro 1 to Intro 2. It is fantastic to see the results of students’ dedication and consistency.

I know from experience that without undertaking a committed course it is very hard for a casual student to properly learn the essential elements of yoga. However, with our structured Intro courses I have seen people who were uncoordinated and had no connection with their bodies go from being total beginners, to having correctly memorized a part of the practice and having made it their own.

When people do the Intro courses, they learn step by step a small, manageable part of the practice. They get to repeat the Intro practice and get more and more familiar with it. They are able to properly grasp the important fundamentals of poses.

Even if you can not do a deep pose; as long as your alignment and awareness are good, then it is a perfect pose.

It is great to see students practicing on their own after Intro 2 and to see that they really know what they are doing – they have learned the practice and it has become a part of them.


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