Spring A Reminder of Constant Change As Is Our Yoga Practice

Greg Cooper, co-founder of the Ashtanga Yoga Centre of Melbourne, describes how Spring heralds constant change which is the natural condition of life and yoga.

Well apparently Spring has arrived but experience tells us not to get attached to that idea if you’re in Melbourne! I’ve noticed over the years that at the seasonal interchange and particularly the shift from Winter to Spring, there’s an energy slump. You may or may not observe this yourself but by running a yoga school and teaching continuously, such trends are very evident to me.

The yoga tradition is full of reminders that fluctuation occurs and everything is changing, sometimes in cycles or as random shifts daily or even hourly. The Ashtanga yoga practice is based around the constant of the breath so it helps provide stability in times of upheaval and also these inevitable fluctuations in energy levels and motivation. Patanjali described three aspects of yoga that are likely to make for sustainable and effective practice:

1. Discipline – which keeps us rolling out the mat regularly despite the myriad of excuses our mind comes up with.

2. Self study – using the practice experience to “tune in” and look at ourselves with honesty.

3. Surrender – the recognition of the big picture and willingness to accept things as they are.

Most of us will waiver with the application of these ideas and, as a result we are “in and out” of practice. Much of our role at the Ashtanga Yoga Centre is to provide the space and encouragement to allow you to keep going during adversity. So if you can relate to what I’m saying and have drifted away from the studio we are here awaiting your return.


More information at Ashtanga Yoga Centre of Melbourne


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