Ayurveda Workshop This Weekend

Co-founder of the Ashtanga Yoga Centre of Melbourne Greg Cooper remembers Pattabhi Jois and his use of Ayurvedic medicine in Mysore, and the link between Ayurveda and Yoga which until recently was inextricable.

The ancient practice of Ayurveda is typically translated as the ‘science of life ‘ or ‘knowledge’ and was once inseparable from yoga asana practice. Authentic Indian yoga masters were commonly also ayurvedic practitioners and l have a vivid memory of Pattabhi Jois sitting down with me on the sweat soaked floor of the old Shala in Mysore, prescribing an ayurvedic oil for my troubled right knee.

The smell of that concoction of herbs was so unique that just the thought of it takes me back to those special times and it was on one of those trips that I first met Kumar. He still resides a few doors down from the Ashtanga Yoga Research Institute in Mysore to this day, and we are so pleased he will be giving a workshop on Ayurveda at our Shala this weekend.

On to this weekend’s workshop then; to make it accessible Kumar has decided to break it into two distinct days to allow you the option to attend one or both days.

Saturday will be similar to last year – an overview of the principals of Ayurveda, and Sunday will go further into the subtleties of the practice with the presentation of material not covered previously. Everyone is welcome!

Bookings are now open on our website and l encourage any of you with a genuine interest in the time-tested traditions not to miss this opportunity.

If you are unable to make the workshop, Kumar will be available for private consultations at the studio over the next two weeks before he returns to India and can be contacted via mumukshuku@gmail.com. 

Book now

More on the Ashtanga Yoga Centre of Melbourne.


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