Some Timetable Updates

Our studio’s temporary timetable has more changes while Teacher Amanda Stead is away with an injury, and other teachers go on annual sabbaticals.

As of Monday 29 June the following class changes apply:

Cancelled Classes Until Further Notice

  • Tues  Intro 1          @ 6:30 am
  • Wed   Intro 2          @ 6:30am
  • Thurs Intro 1          @ 6:30 am
  • Fri      Mysore         @ 6:00 pm
  • Sat     Led               @ 9:30 am
  • Sun    Intro drop in @ 9:30 am


How Amanda Is Doing

Amanda’s recovery is going extremely well and we look forward to her return soon. She has been away for over a month now recuperating from her broken hip. Amanda required significant surgery but resumed a therapy-based practice within a few days.

Thank you on behalf of Amanda for all the kindness that has been shown. In addition to her faith in healing herself , the enormous support from students has accelerated her recovery and been deeply heartwarming.

Upcoming Teacher Sabbaticals

In the spirit of our Centre’s quest for learning and development, Amanda’s absence begins a string of teacher sabbaticals over the rest of winter and on into Spring, which will inevitably result in some modifications to the studio timetable. Leah Kazuko Caseyhas just taken off to the hills for a few weeks of well deserved rest.  She returns the day before Eoin McCarthy will immerse himself in Vipasana meditation for the first half of July, then both Eoin and Tracy Alamanos are away at his annual Retreat in Greece throughout the second half of August and all of September.  Vishal is running our Queensland retreat this year so is away at the end of September and Greg Cooper will head off on an adventure with the family throughout October.

While we miss each of our teachers while they are away, it is ultimately the consistency of your practice that counts and we are always here to help you.


Temporary Timetable Changes 25 May 2015

More about the Ashtanga Yoga Centre of Melbourne


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