End Of Year Deals For Returning Students

Yoga Teacher Greg Cooper welcomes back students who may have slipped in their practice over Winter, with some great deals. Greg is seen here with Ashtanga Masters Dani Ceccarelli (left) and David Swenson (right) earlier this year.

Dust off your Yoga mat and unfinished pass and get back to the studio for these special end-of-year deals for returning students.

Message from Greg Cooper:

“Dear friends of the studio

I wanted to let you know firstly what a great honour and pleasure it is to assist your journey with yoga.

I know by this stage of the year that for some of us it almost feels like life has conspired to thwart our plans for a regular yoga practice and in some cases we’ve given up trying.  Even if 2015 has been a good year you can be sure that there will be obstructions ahead at some point…. So what to do?

Our job at the Centre is to provide the ongoing space for practice.  What we add to that is I believe some of the best teachers you could hope to study with and a structure that works.

Your task is to keep getting out the mat even if only once or twice a week, as nothing can change or grow without the time being put in.

So next week marks the final intro courses for 2015, and if you want to take advantage of the great space exceptional teachers and tried and tested structure we’d love to have you along to see out the rest of the year together.

If you have classes remaining from a previous course , we will honour those no questions asked.

As a further incentive in the final round, all courses purchased will entitle you to unlimited attendance for 5 weeks, so you pay for the usual two sessions per week but are welcome to come along as many other times as you like.  You can potentially complete 2 courses for the price of one and in half the time!

Due to the warmer weather and early sunrise we will have all the usual morning sessions running including the return of intro 3 on Monday 16th at 6.30 am.

In the evenings Intro 2 will run as normal on Mondays and Wednesdays at 6.30 pm however there is NO evening Intro 1 in this next round. Intro 1 students can attend the Tuesday and Thursday sessions at 6.30 am, and Saturdays at 9.30 am instead.

As always, if unsure which sessions on our schedule will serve you best, give me a call on 0421-799-365 or email me at the studio.  Remember that whatever your level of experience — at the end of the day if you come to your mat with humility, gratitude and patience — even the most basic practice will be therapeutic and fulfilling.

To those of you who have moved beyond the intro timetable and are attending general classes l would be so grateful if you could forward this email to people  you would like to see benefit from practicing at the studio. After all, each of us began with attending our first class!

Look forward to seeing you at the Centre

Om shanti


Book for next week’s Intro Courses

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