Yoga: Build Strength & Vitality In 90 Days

Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Amanda Stead teaches Intro classes at the Ashtanga Yoga Centre of Melbourne, which are taught in month-long stages to help you build stamina, flexibility and strength.

Learning Ashtanga Yoga is a great way to become stronger, more flexible and more connected with your body and your mind.  Whether you are a complete yoga novice or would like to relearn; we can help you develop a solid, strong, safe Ashtanga Yoga practice to last you a lifetime.

Our Intro courses are for:

  • anyone interested in trying Ashtanga Yoga
  • those wanting to refine their existing practice.

These are general classes suitable for beginners, ideal for those returning to practice from injury and illness, and for those who want to tune up what they can currently do.

We run ongoing Intro Courses in Ashtanga Yoga throughout the year to help you learn step-by-step, small, manageable parts of the practice.

Our courses step you up gradually from Intro 1 (first month) to Intro 3 (3rd month), so you gradually memorise parts of the practice and become stronger, more confident and comfortable with your own practice.

Learning this way gives you a great grounding and understanding into yoga and the various asanas, as well as a growing awareness of your own body, and its strengths and limitations.

We find the Ashtanga Vinyasa system particularly powerful in creating accelerated flexibility, stamina and strength. Above all though it creates an atmosphere for opening the heart and consciousness, leading the practitioner to a greater sense of wellbeing. The continuous stoking of internal fire with the breath creates the tapas needed to burn through residual locks (physical, mental and emotional).

Our aim at the Centre is to facilitate that process through encouragement, motivation and support so we may all move further toward our potential.

Our teachers are patient, kind and all very experienced — so you are in good hands.

We love the practice and think you will too.

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