Space For Rent – Ashtanga Yoga Centre Of Melbourne

Opening Our Space For Rent To Others

Our Shala is one of the biggest in the Southern hemisphere, and we think of it as being a community space as well as a yoga Shala.

We are so lucky to have this space and are making it available to rent so others in our community can use it too.

There is a virtual tour of our Centre on Google so that those viewing it online for the first time can step through it as if in person.

Welcome! Please take a virtual tour of our Centre, and if you would like to book its space online or find out more, please click the link at the bottom of this post.

About Our Space For Rent

The Ashtanga Yoga Centre of Melbourne is a beautiful and tranquil space for yoga and for rent in the heart of Fitzroy, Melbourne.

Our Centre is used several times a day by those practicing yoga, and hums with their energy long after they have gone home.

A warm light-filled space with natural hues and wooden floors polished by all those who have gone before.

It is instantly inviting with fresh-flower arrangements, soft-lit lamps and floor coverings and tapestries from the East.

Huge windows spill natural light into the studio making it a creative, reflective, energy-filled space.

There are several areas of interest including a big studio, a smaller studio and a working kitchen with a beautiful communal table and benches.

Our Shala is suitable for any type of gathering including but not limited to musical rehearsals, other types of yoga classes, choir and band practices, dancing, cooking demonstrations, dinner parties, playgroups, theatrical groups, and movie nights.

We are happy to create event pages on our website and/or Facebook page for sharing with your attendees if you don’t have them set up yourself – please let us know if you would like this when you book.

We’d love to see you join our community – please get in touch at one of the links below.

More information about the Ashtanga Yoga Centre of Melbourne

Book a space at the Ashtanga Yoga Centre of Melbourne (on Creative Spaces website)


2 thoughts on “Space For Rent – Ashtanga Yoga Centre Of Melbourne

  1. Hi I am looking for a space to run a life changing 2 day workshop in Melbourne on November 11th and 12th this year. I hope for between 5 and 10 participants (4 confirmed so far) We’d need a very private space as there are a lot of tears and emotions. Somewhere with tables and chairs, cushions to sit in circle also would be amazing. Music is a bonus however I can bring my portable bluetooth if need be. Do you have anything available and if not can you recommend somewhere?

    1. Hi Dean
      Thanks for getting in touch. Our Centre is a fantastic space for giving workshops.

      To check availability please get in touch with Greg Cooper, who is the Centre’s Director, at the link below.

      Greg is away on a Retreat this week but is still checking his emails. You can also call him on his mobile at the link below and leave a message 🙂

      Kind regards Laura

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