It’s Spring! Welcoming New Ashtanga Yoga Teachers

Greg and Tracy Cooper Ashtanga Yoga Teachers
Founders of the Ashtanga Yoga Centre of Melbourne Greg & Tracy Cooper welcome new Yoga Teachers Jacinta McBurney and Sam Burke.

New Ashtanga Yoga Teachers Jacinta McBurney And Sam Burke


Message from Greg & Tracy Cooper:
We are incredibly fortunate to have our wonderful teachers Amanda Stead and Vishal (Douglas Brook) still with us after all these years!

And we’re now really pleased to introduce the newest additions to our team of expertise – teachers Jacinta McBurney and Sam Burke.  Both Jacinta and Sam are committed practitioners who are bringing new energy into the studio and we feel blessed to have them!  Their full bios will be on our website soon.

Our new Spring timetable including Jacinta and Sam’s classes can now be viewed both on the studio wall and our website. We also plan to make some additions after we return from our Centre’s annual Retreat to Mission Beach – details to be announced later this month.



Introducing Teacher Jacinta McBurney

Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Jacinta Burney joins our team of teachers at our Centre, bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience.  Jacinta has been taught by many of the world’s most notable Ashtanga Yoga teachers, and teaches mostly Mysore classes.

Jacinta McBurney began her Ashtanga practice here in this studio and since then she has completed over 12 years of intensive training with Nicky Knoff, and studied with many of the world’s notable Ashtanga Yoga teachers including Richard Freeman, Nancy Gilgoff, David Swenson, David Williams, Tim Miller, John Scott, Gregor Maehle, Matthew Sweeney and Dena Kinsburg.

Jacinta is adept at working with students from all backgrounds and abilities and already has a popular teaching presence here.



Introducing Teacher Sam Burke

Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Sam Burke joins our team from Mildura where she ran her own studio, bringing with her much yoga wisdom and experience.  Sam has worked with Ashtanga Masters the world over, and teaches mostly Led and Intro classes.

Sam Burke has recently returned to Melbourne after running her own yoga studio in Mildura for the last 2 and half years and is a student of Richard Freeman and Mary Taylor.

Already a familiar face at the Ashtanga Yoga Centre of Melbourne over the past 5 years, Sam has also worked with Ashtanga Masters Nancy Gilgoff, Eddie Stern, Robert Thurman, Eoin McCarthy and Dr. Jules Levinson.  Sam also holds her advanced teaching certification with senior teacher Nicky Knoff.

Hope to see you at the studio soon!


Om Shanti
Greg & Tracy Cooper


See the Centre’s new Spring timetable

More information at Ashtanga Yoga Centre of Melbourne


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