New Holistic Yoga Led Classes

Yoga Teacher Amanda Stead is taking a brand new led class aimed at helping students develop a more holistic yoga practice.  The new classes start on Friday Oct 6 2017 and replace the led classes previously scheduled on Wednesday mornings.  Everyone welcome.


New Holistic Yoga Led Classes

You can now learn more about pranayama techniques, chanting of the sutras and develop a familiarity with meditation, with new led classes starting tomorrow morning at 6:30am with long-time Yoga Teacher Amanda Stead.

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It’s Spring! Welcoming New Ashtanga Yoga Teachers

Greg and Tracy Cooper Ashtanga Yoga Teachers
Founders of the Ashtanga Yoga Centre of Melbourne Greg & Tracy Cooper welcome new Yoga Teachers Jacinta McBurney and Sam Burke.

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Yoga: Build Strength & Vitality In 90 Days

Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Amanda Stead teaches Intro classes at the Ashtanga Yoga Centre of Melbourne, which are taught in month-long stages to help you build stamina, flexibility and strength.

Learning Ashtanga Yoga is a great way to become stronger, more flexible and more connected with your body and your mind.  Whether you are a complete yoga novice or would like to relearn; we can help you develop a solid, strong, safe Ashtanga Yoga practice to last you a lifetime.

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Amanda Back Next Week

Next week we welcome back Yoga Teacher Amanda Stead (pictured here teaching an Intro class) who has been away since May.

We are delighted to confirm that Yoga Teacher Amanda Stead is returning to our Centre next week in time for the next round of Intro courses – book now if you haven’t already.

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Some Timetable Updates

Our studio’s temporary timetable has more changes while Teacher Amanda Stead is away with an injury, and other teachers go on annual sabbaticals.

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Temporary Timetable Changes

We have temporarily changed our timetable as one of our yoga teachers Amanda (pictured here teaching an Intro class) is unexpectedly away.

We have taken the very unusual step of cancelling some classes in the short term as one of our teachers – Amanda – is currently unable to teach due to an injury.

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Staying well during seasonal change

Teacher at the Ashtanga Yoga Centre of Melbourne Amanda Stead reflects on how to help yourself cope with fluctuating weather & temperatures experienced especially in Melbourne Australia.

Yoga Teacher Amanda Stead at the Ashtanga Yoga Centre of Melbourne shares some tips on how to help your body adapt to seasonal change:

Ayurveda tells us that ‘diseases are generated at the junctions of the seasons’, the moment when one season changes into another.

Whenever our environment (internal or external) changes, our systems must change with it, and every time we adapt poorly we expose ourselves the the possibility of disease.  – Dr. Robert E. Svoboda

In Melbourne our weather is very erratic and especially in the springtime.  You may be noticing differences in your practice.  It is not uncommon for example, to feel unusually stiff or to experience the shadow of an old injury.  Viruses thrive in the winds of change.

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